Groomers Supply

Grooming Salon Equipment and Supplies

My wife Janice found her dream job in grooming. In 2003 she went to the Atlanta grooming show to further her grooming knowledge. I received a call shortly after she arrived... Honey I found this beautiful mobile grooming truck.... silence filled the air.  I had just opened a new business and didn't know how we would afford it, but we trusted God would  provide and we ordered our new truck. The mobile truck proved to be a success. But with rising gas prices in 2005, we sold the truck and opted for a permanent location.

We continue to serve our clients and their wonderful pets, at this location in West Harrison, IN.
In January of 2014 we renovated a space and opened our second location in Shandon, Ohio.
 By May of 2014, I made a career change and decided to help groomers make the most out of their dream job. So I began taking sharpening classes and purchasing state of the art equipment.

By August we were the proud owners of Groomers Supply.

We offer sharpening service for shears and clipper blades.

We carry shampoos, dryers, tables, scissors, blades and most grooming supplies.

We also do equipment repair on dryers, clippers, scissors...
We love what we do!
Thanks for taking the time to learn more about Groomers Supply. We look forward to meeting you!

Ray and Janice Pope

Chopper and Melody = A couple of our rescue poodles.

First picture is on the grooming table, the day they came to us.
Second is later in our home. Yes, they are allowed on the furniture.

At Groomers Supply, we know your equipment and supplies are critical to the success of your business. Our mission is to offer your salon improved efficiency and the best grooming supplies your hard earned dollar can buy.

 Groomers Supply is committed to creating and maintaining strong relationships with our customers, built on a foundation of excellent service and trust. From the products we sell, to our dedicated customer service and support. We will do our best to serve your needs.

 We service southern Ohio and Indiana.

Whether you just need a couple of blades sharpened, or a new bathing system and clipper vac installed. No job is too small or too large.