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Simple - Clipper Blade Care

By Ray and Janice Pope – Groomers Supply

Blade care is a must for quality grooming.

Sticking, dirty, rusty blades will not allow the hair to flow or cut as the blades were designed.

Use of blade coolant on the blade teeth will cause the teeth to rust and they will never cut correctly. Blade coolant is also VERY harmful to you and the animals near you

Keep blades cooled by placing hot blades on a ceramic tile, granite or marble. Keep at least 2 clipper blades per size, alternate to prevent heat and build up.

For your health and your next groom. Clean blades frequently.

Inspect all blades for broken teeth or miss-alignment to prevent injury to yourself or animal. Set aside after cleaning for repair.

1 - Wash in tub with scrubbing bubbles bathroom cleaner and a tooth brush. Slide the cutter to one side (without removing it from blade) scrub the exposed teeth on the base and cutter to remove bacteria, hair, dander and all other foreign matter. Slide cutter to other side and repeat.

2 - Rinse thoroughly with hot water.

3 - Dry with high velocity dryer, blades MUST be thoroughly dry to prevent rust and build up.

4 - Dip blade in blade wash (H42 or Odorless Mineral Spirits) Let blade dry on paper towls.

5 - Lightly Re-oil teeth and base.