All future clipper blade inventory, will be what we believe is the finest blades made

Geib Buttercut and Furzone
EZ Groom Shampoo is in stock.

Filthy Beast is the favorite shampoo of every shop that has tried it.

Scissor sharpening with micro serration edge
Straight $8.00 - Curved $10 - Thinners and Chunkers $15

Showroom Hours at our Indiana location

My store hours will be by appointment, until further notice. 
We now offer diamond nail file wheels

Just $10 with mandrel

We carry product lines from

EZ Groom and Show Season - Shampoo / Conditioners

Metro Dryers, Hurry Canine, EZ Dry, B-Air Dryers, K-9 - Dryers

Anvil, Working Dog Shears and many more brands of scissors.

ALL sharpening is done on Precision Sharpener and The Shop Inc machines. Your scissors and blades will not be damaged by use of inferior machines.

Groomers Supply

Grooming Salon Equipment and Supplies

We are the Exclusive distributor of Western Ohio and Eastern Indiana for quality Clippers and Blades from Furzone.  And the U.S. distributor for Working Dog Shears.

Huge sale on scissors and clippers

Furzone 610 Clippers with 2 year warranty 

while supply last $139

Heavy Duty Clipper Comb set just $42

Scissors Sale

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At Groomers Supply we sell the highest quality grooming equipment and supplies available. Our many years in the grooming industry, have shown us that the best shampoos

and finest equipment = pay off with less labor and repeat customers.

Our promise is to balance the best quality products and equipment, with affordable cost.