Groomers Supply

Groomers Supply does not offer mobile clipper sharpening. We know that only the best service will do for our customers.

Our state of the art sharpening center can not be duplicated in the back of a van.

FACT = All machines do not produce the same cutting surface.

Our sharpening process will produce a much sharper cutting edge than most new blades.

Proper spring tension, setback, cleaning and lubricating all produce less heat and extend blade life.

This combination of sharpening steps, produce blades that stay sharp longer.

All of our sharpening is facilitated using only the best sharpening equipment.

 Our clipper blade sharpening machines are from The Shop Inc.

There is not a finer clipper blade sharpener available.

For scissor sharpening we have purchased 10 different style machines, because all scissors are not equal

We have now started manufacturing our own design sharpening machines 

Check them out at

We know how valuable your equipment is.

That is why there has been no expense spared on our equipment - to service yours.

Sharpening and return shipping will be within 36 hours of receiving blades. Most on the same day.

The cost for standard and ceramic sizes  A-5 clipper blade sharpening is $7.00 

Sharpening includes cleaning, dis assembly, cleaning, sharpening both surfaces,  demagnetizing, cleaning between teeth with brass brush, washed in a lubricating rinse with a fine bristled brush, rinsed, final clean and dried with 120 psi compressed air, oiled, assembled. Set back - spring tension and holder width adjusted. Cut test each tooth and then blades are carefully packaged.

Priority mail return shipping is $6.00 for 1 - 6 blades. 7 + blades get a FREE protective blade box. 10 + blades get box + FREE shipping.

Bad or broken blades do not get charged, but also do not count toward shipping discount.

Micro Serration Scissor - Angle sharpening

Straights only $8.00 - Curved $10.00

Hollow Ground or Convex (hand Hone) scissors

$10.00 for straights, $15 for curved, thinners and chunkers

$5 extra to remove nicks 

Grooming Salon Equipment and Supplies

Send scissors + blades wrapped individually and packaged so they can not contact each other.

(Cardboard on the tips helps protect teeth.)  Include name, address, e-mail and phone number.  

A Paypal invoice will be sent when sharpening is completed. 

Sharpening center address is.

Groomers Supply

472 Harrison Brookville Road

West Harrison, Indiana 47060